offers registered domain name holders (registrants) the opportunity to register and maintain a domain name with a high level of privacy. The domains are registered by registrars and their resellers.

Registrants using privacy protect are exercising their rights under the ICANN RAA 2013, to keep their identity private. For more information, please visit the ICANN web site.

Message to registrant

To get in touch with the registrant of a particular privacy protect registered domain, please click on “Message to registrant” in the top of this page. Your message will be forwarded to the registrant. Please note: the registrant is not obligated to respond.

For domains registered with the registrant's actual details and e-mail address, please contact the registrant directly. This information is available from the whois data.

Complaint or report of abuse.

For complaints about abuse of the registered domains, please click on “Report Abuse” at the top of this page.

The following is considered as abuse:

Disputes over domain ownership and related rights, please direct complaints to the appropriate authorities.